5 years

Thursday, March 05, 2015

The other day we received this fancy certificate letting us know that we have completed 5 years of service. This has started us down on a bit of memory lane. 
A lot has happened in the last 5 years... We haven't even been married for 5 years yet! Haha
For those that don't know our story, here's the bullet points: 

-We met sept 9, 2009
-Nick joined MAF beginning of November 2009
-We got engaged Jan 1, 2010
-We both officially join MAF Feb 2010
-We finished fundraising and got married June 12, 2010
-August 2010 Went to Nampa, Idaho for MAF US candidacy 
-September 2010 started language school in Quebec City
-July 2011 finish language school
-July- September: weddings, more training and spending time with family
5 Years ago, before we were married.. when I had cool hair :-)
-September 2011 arrive in congo
-July 2012 Ruth was born
-Dec 2012 move to a new house
-November 2013 Nicole and Jason get married
-March 2014 Nick starts in program manager position
-May 2014 Pascal is born 
-February 2015 - 5 years with MAF.

Wow, it seems so simple when you sum it up like that. But there it is, the last 5 yrs of our lives. 
Pascal 10 Months
But it's the spaces inbetween that really tell the story isn't it? The spaces that are full of laughter and tears; triumphs and discouragements; joys and sorrows. 

We just had 2 other families in our program arrive at milestone moments this year, one for 20 years with MAF and one for 25 years... Wow. Our 5 years seems like small peas compared to that commitment. These families that have given a majority of their lives to help spiritually and physically transform the lives of isolated people. They've been evacuated, lost their all possessions (maybe more then once), loved and been loved, been hurt and saved lives. 
Already bigger then his sister?
I don't know if our lives will lead us to receiving a 20 year certificate or even where we will be in the next 5 years, but I can only pray to have the impact that these two families have had over the last 20 and 25 years.

Well heres to milestones! Thanks so much for everyone that prays and supports us. This is a hard life we have chosen to live... but when we have been given so much, how can we not but want to give back for Gods glory and the betterment of mankind. 
My sweet boy



  1. Enjoying your blog. Congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark!
    -"that air cadet"