Little Bit of Business, Little Bit of Fun

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Here we go, T - 4 days until we all jump on a few airplanes and head our way back to North America for a short visit.

There are some that have been wondering about where we will be and what we will be doing and if they can come and see us? Here are your answers.

We leave here Saturday April 18 and arrive in Boise Idaho Sunday the 19th. We will be there until April 30th. During that time Nick and I will be attending a MAF global leadership conference with some of my family looking after the kids. If you are in Idaho and you really want to see us, let us know. Though I am anticipating being quite busy. 

We then head to Alberta where we will be doing some not-so-rustic camping at the Territima lodge.
We will arrive there late Thursday (30th) and will be there till the following thursday May 7th. We will have a celebration for Pascals first birthday and hopefully do lots of sitting around camp fires :-). If you would like to come out and visit we would love to see you! Bring some s'mores! 

Then on the 7th we will go to Ontario where we will be attending a wedding and getting some more MAF business done. We will be doing an open house at Nicks sisters house Sunday May 10th. If you would like more information on that please let us know. We would love to see you there as well. 

Start Packing! 
We then make our way back to Congo starting May 12th. So there you go, hopefully we will get to see some of you! 

Do pray for us as we travel, as this will be a lot of changes for the littles in just a few short weeks. 


The Freys