Moving, Shaking, Construction and Birthdays!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Its been a busy last few weeks, we had the privilege of house sitting for some friends of ours while they were on vacation. They had 2 puppies that the kids LOVED playing with and taking care of. 
During the time that we house/pet sat, we contacted our land lords and asked them if we could get our roof redone at the same time. The roof on the house was asbestos and was starting to leak in places. Since we were not home we decided it was a good time to get it done. 

We are in dry season right now so that means no rain for about 4 months straight. This is the time when a lot of construction gets done because you do not have to worry about covering anything.

Since there was already one construction project going, and our neighbours and fellow MAF members needed a new roof as well, Nick got another crew to start working on their roof while they were still on vacation. Then we also had a family (The Linds) coming back to Kinshasa after 2 years of fundraising and language learning. You may remember that they were here for a year where Matthew helped with Base Maintenance. They were on the verge of arriving, however the house they are moving in to was needing some significant repairs. There is a crack going through the whole house because some things were not done correctly when it was built. So Nick got a mason that we know to put rebar 'staples' in the house to spread out the weight of the house settling. 

Also there was some cabinets and wood that needed to be replaced.
Then we also had a family moving houses to a better location and their old house had lots of power/water/all things Congo issues.
All this has been going on while one of our planes in is need of some major repairs, so we only have 2 planes going, which means that Nick has been flying lots to keep up. So there has been lots of moving and shaking going on.

It was also Ruths 3rd Birthday!! We didn't have an 'official' birthday party for her, as she got lots of presents when we were back in Canada. But she did get a few presents over the week from us and different friends which give her the impression that her Birthday just didn't end :-) It was very cute to see her excited about her birthday. We did go to a July 4th celebration with our American friends and everyone sang her and Happy Birthday. 
We have some more visitors this week and Nick is keeping up a busy flight load and maybe some business travel soon. So please keep us in your prayers for our stress level to stay low and our sprits to stay high. 

Here are some pictures from our 3rd Year Birthday shoot for Ruth. She is quite the young lady! God really has blessed us with some great kids!