Christmas 2015

Thursday, February 04, 2016

I know that lots of people are looking forward to pics from our trop to Zanzibar, but I first wanted to post pictures from Christmas and new years because well, it was awesome!

Christmas while on the field is an interesting one, but I feel like after 4 years now, we have finally got the hang of it. 

This year Ruth has a Christmas event at her school, and she even had St Nicholas come visit on St Nicholas day on Dec 6. It is funny to see that in her head she thinks of St Nicholas and Santa Clause as 2 different people, and it doesn't surprise me, they do look quite different. But it is fun to add some new traditions to our Christmas. 

Adah and Ruth with their teacher Mme Isabel
Ruth Abby and Adah at the schools christmas celebration

Christmas Morning was lots of fun with the Kids to be able to open presents together! This is the first year I thought far enough ahead and was able to have extended family send some things for the kids! They had to do christmas shopping in August but they did awesome. The kids had so much fun and got tons of stuff. Thanks so much to everyone who was able to send the kids a few things! It really made it a special christmas.

Paper wrapped with care is ripped apart in great haste

We then had Christmas supper at the Hochstetlers, it was a great time for hang out with our friends and the kids to hang out with theres. We were pooped by the end of the day!

We also had our staff Christmas party, us spouses don't get to spend much time with our staff at the office or hanger so it is great to see them. Ibaya, long time employee with MAF (over 30 years) is retiring this year and she always makes the christmas meal, so it was great to honour her and her service to MAF.

Ibaya receiving a gift from us for all of her years of cooking for us! 

Now New Years was tons of fun! We had a few friends over, and Alyssa had the idea of doing a Fondu, which is a family tradition of theirs. So we had a cheese and Chocolate fondu and played lots of games. We had a huge 1000 piece puzzle going on, a game of Risk and Clue.

We always say that everyone that comes to Kinshasa comes for an interesting reason, so we have been blessed with the ability to surround ourselves with some very interesting people that we really enjoy spending time with.

So thank you so much everyone near and far that made this past Christmas special!