Kichanga Lodge

Monday, February 15, 2016

Last month we went on a much needed vacation to Zanzibar. Our goal with this vacation wasn't to shop and stock up on supplies (though that is so very very tempting) but it was just to get away, rest, sleep, spend time as a family and of course be somewhere where I didn't have to cook ;-)

I found this little place called Kichanga Lodge, on the east side of the island. It had these cute little bungalows that they would allow all 4 of us to sleep in. (trying to find a place with 4 ppl to a room is hard).

Though our arrival was a bit sketchy at 3 am, driving down a gravel road in what seemed like the middle of no where. My tired mind came to the conclusion that we had been stolen and were going to get dumped into the ocean lol. We however were not, and our nice taxi driver delivered us to 4 tough looking Maasai warriors, who are the night security, and were escorted to our little bungalow.   

It was a hot rough night with no AC, trying to get the kids to sleep. Apparently Nick was so miserable he has decided that when we got up in the morning we were hopping on a plane and heading to South Africa no matter the cost. However we woke up the next morning after only a few short hours of sleep to this beautiful paradise and he decided that we could stay ;-)  

Talk about a great place to sit on the beach! 

We spent a lot of time just hanging out at the Lodge, swimming in the ocean and the pool, having beautiful breakfasts and looking for sea shells. The evenings were especially nice because we were able to put the kids to bed and our baby monitor would reach the restaurant and then we were able to have a date night all to our selves every night! They served beautiful 3 course meals which were so so Yummy!

Though we stayed close to the Lodge, one day we went out for a day tour. We went on a  spice tour to see all of the different spices they grow in Zanzibar and then took a tour of Stone town. It is the historical part of Zanzibar City. This island has a long and convoluted history with a lot of sorrow mixed in. Zanzibar was claimed by several different countries over the last 400 years and used for shipping out everything from cloves to slaves. I would love to spend some more time understanding more about this beautiful little island.

This little room is where the slaves were kept before being sold.

trying to get a family picture :-)

This is George! He was one of the staff at Kichanga and was so amazing to us and the Kids! 
And this is the Yoga Instructor Pescha that Nick did yoga with

Jambo from Zanzibar

We had a great time in Zanzibar, I would recommend it to anyone! Though most places there are not made for Children, (no parks, kids actives etc) our kids were more then happy in the pool and on the beach and the staff were super accommodating for any needs that we had.
So if you are ever thinking about going, just do it! You won't regret it.


  1. Love this story. I appreciate you sharing. I have been wanting to get to that island for some time now. I have been to the east cost of Kenya and Tanzania a few times but just have made it across the water. Your pictures are gorgeous and they just motivated me to finally start planning a trip for next month.

    Garrett Newman @ Branson Regal