Coming to see you!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hopefully everyone has a chance by now to read our newsletter and see that we are in fact going to be spending a few months back in Canada this summer!!!

We have been in Congo for 4 1/2 years now and have not actually done an official home assignment. Now I know your thinking to yourself that you've seen us around every once and a while over the last few years (but those were probably times where I looked akin to a whale, was holding a new baby or we were jumping all over the place for meetings). This trip differs from the previous because it is an official home assignment instead of a medical furlough, as where our trips home to have our kids.

A home assignment is split into 3 parts; 1/3 of it is rest (oh glorious rest), 1/3 of it is doing MAF type requirements such as psychological debriefs, medical exams, MAF office debriefs and any extra training needed (Nick has a bunch of piloty things to do ;-) and then 1/3 of it is visiting you!!!

So as we are working hard making all of our appointments, contacting churches, supporters and making sure that we fit in some good relax and family time as well. 

Our travel dates are still being worked out but we will in Ontario approximately the month of May, then Edmonton area for the month of June and Grande Prairie area for some of July. Then at the end of July we will be heading back to Congo to be back before a new MAF family arrives.

We are excited to be back during this time to do some much needed medical appointments, and have some blood tests (make sure we haven't pick up any interesting African parasites :-P ) Nick needs his yearly pilot medical and of course we have some Grandparents, aunties and cousins that are looking forward to spending some quality time with Ruth and Pascal. 

It is a busy next couple weeks before we head to Canada, in less then 2 weeks we have our annual WDRC Family Conference, we then have several visitors coming from MAF for different training that needs to be done with pilot standardization and safety culture. Then we head to South Africa for Managers conference, and from there we head straight to Canada with a week of debriefs and medical appointments already set up. 

If you would remember to pray for us as we have to finish all of our planning for not only our home assignment but also everything before that and if all goes well we will be seeing you soon :-) 

Pascal, Ruth, Adah and Abby playing on their school play ground