Monday, May 23, 2016

We are 1/3 done our short home assignment here in Canada. Our time in Ontario was not long enough for all friends family and supporters that we wanted to see. 
However I think that we made a good dent. We had a few medical appointments including physicals, dentist and a psychological debrief. 
We spent 2 days at the MAF office sharing with the staff there about what our lives in Congo look like. They then equipped up with all sorts of sweet MAF swag to be able to share with our churches and supporters.

We did 4 full 45 minute presentations and had our open house be rained out but it worked out just the same. We had many friends and family lovingly understand our kids nap schedule and come and visit us during the mornings before the kids naps and bring us all sorts of yummy snacks.

We've done a little bit of shopping, a little bit of eating, went to a wedding and had a family date at the butterfly conservatory which the kids LOVED.  Ruth has approximately 3 new princess dresses and Pascal has 3 new tractors. Through out all of that there was lots and lots of beautiful Auntie Charity and cousin Emery time.

We are in Alberta now. It was a great flight though Ruth was disappointed that we only went on one plane haha. Our veteran flyers who think a regular travel day is 36 hours :-p 
We have a house to ourself here lent to us from some great friends and supporters the Vemeers and it is glorious. 
We have already spoken at one Church and the kids had a day with Auntie Nicole, Sawyer and the puppies. We will be doing lots of traveling around in Alberta but right now we are in Edmonton for 2 weeks with a trip to Leslieville in the middle. 

As for today, I'm going to go and jump on trampolines... Lots and lots of trampolines.