Blue Sky's and Rainy Days

Monday, June 20, 2016

The last few weeks have been a time of connecting with family and finally getting to see my parents. We spent a week in Athabasca with my Grandmother and extended family on my Dads side. My Grandfather passed away right before Christmas and instead of doing a funeral they planned on doing a celebration of his life this summer. 

This was one of the reasons for me why we wanted to do our home assignment this summer instead of next January (along with a few other reasons), but we felt that it was important to be with our family during this weekend.

So out we went for the week with the intention of being as helpful as possible. Nick who misses yard work, had his fill mowing and weedwacking the huge yard at the farm. 

We had a great time hanging out with 
Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. The Kids loved, Loved the farm. Pascal loved the cows and tractors and Ruth loved playing outside discovering all sorts of new things.

I was charged with organizing the speech for Grandpas celebration so I spent the week finding out as many facts and stories that I could to best represent Chris Bradfield. 

It was so special when the day came around that all of the cousins were able to share a part of his history or a story. A few tears where shed but we mostly were able to rejoice in the life of a man (though stubborn at times) was very well loved. 
A Toast to Chris Bradfield

It was also a special time to hang out with my cousins, as one of the oldest I remember them as little and young, but now all the boys are bigger then me and now we are all adults. 

It is so cool to see where each persons life in leading them and in general just have a great time. 

We even reenacted a photo from 17 years ago!! 

After our time in Athabasca we spent a few days camping with my parents and sister which was fun and full of beautiful blue sky's and a few rainy days. The kids were so excited to stay in a trailer with Grandpa and Grandma, and they are being spoiled by their grandparents for sure, with good food, boat rides and lots of space to run around and play. 


Then the last few days we had a great time in Westlock speaking at Bethel Bible Camp for 2 days and then presenting our Ministry with MAF at Westlock Gospel Chapel. 

This is a church special to our hearts as this was the church Nick was attending when we met 7 years ago. The church community and those who help with Bethel Bible camp are such amazing people, we had such a great time reconnecting with people and meeting some new ones. Sad we couldn't spend more time in the area. 
We also had our 6th anniversary somewhere in there (aren't we so romantic :-P... though Nick did took me on lovely dessert and Imax date when we were in Edmonton.) 

But this next week we are so excited to go on a couples retreat, we are looking forward to spending some time working on our marriage so that we can be better equipped for all aspects of our lives.