Kids on the move

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Ruth and I are introverted, that doesn't mean we are not outgoing or don' t like to hang out with people but we are just a type of introvert that are not energized by hanging out with lots of people and need some extra rest in-between visits  However Nick and Pascal are extroverts, they are energized by people. 

This creates an interesting dynamic when we are visiting new people just about everyday here on our home assignment. 
Because we are all so different we want to be able help our kids adjust well to the continual changes and to be able to enjoy all of the different people we have the privilege of hanging out with. 

So for Ruth we usually have to give her a few hours notice and let her know the names of the people that we are going to see. She does well but usually when we are about to leave she gets really shy and a bit upset and says she always wants to stay. If it is a pretty busy day then we will try to give Ruth some alone play time the next day before we go and do something else. 

Pascal on the other hand is always more then happy to make new friends and usually will give hugs on his own accord (and he's a great little hugger) but when we get home from a busy day he is still pretty wound up and will need some time to calm down before he will go to bed, or else he wants us to lie down with him... which usually ends up with his feet in my stomach. 
I say all of this because I have been thinking lots of how to keep Ruth and Pascal content with this crazy tour across Canada. 

But really dragging a 2 and a 4 year old is a difficult endeavour, for the most part both of them have decided they hate supper, all supper, and when super overwhelmed Ruth grinds her teeth soooo loud!
But regardless of the difficulties, the kids (and us) have been so blessed by each and every person we have visited so far. Ruth has enjoyed playing with new toys and new friends. 

It is so great to be able to set this time aside to spend quality time with close friends and family. We leave our lovely abode on Monday to spend some time with my Grandma and family for a week. 
Pray that the kids adjust well to staying in a new place and meeting even more new people.