Be Kind, Please Rewind

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The big news a little while ago was that Disney will release all new Disney movies on Netflix within a certain number of months. This was fun while we were home because I was able to see The new Star Wars movie before we left.

Though I wish that we would be able to join in on the new movie extravaganza, out internet is just too slow to start streaming Netflix. Though it would be nice.
To make up for our lack of new movies we have gained a collection of movies, mostly Disney... On VHS. 

Oh Yes. VHS.

I know your jealous.

We got these movies from a good friend of our that moved back to the US last year, since most people don't want VHS anymore we got them for free; VHS player included. 

It took us while to be able to find all the right adapters to connections to more adapters for the video and sound to work with our projector and speakers. But we are excited to say that we eventually got it all working and have been enjoying our wonderful collection of classics. 

So far we have enjoyed such titles as Robin Hood, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Fantasia. 

We are looking forward to watching the other 100ish VHS classics in our collection.
Some say that MKs miss out on current culture growing up in a different context but maybe they just learn to understand the world in a different way. Like learning one of the most important rules we learned as children

Be Kind, Please Rewind :-)