Busy Hands in Idle Times

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I've been quiet this past month, waiting for something to happen to tell you. There has been a lot going on around the world with many people with lots of their own options to say and suggestions to give. 
There are elections in many different countries, election uncertainty here, disagreements with many different countries and peoples around the world and here well... life goes on as normal, but our thoughts and prayers are with the world.
Normal life of going to school, making supper, going to work dealing with day to day problems, but yet these big world issues lay over our heads making us feel well, helpless in our waiting. 
Waiting to see what will happen, what choice will be made, who will be elected. Some people wait in silence, others wait in protest and debate. 
As I was thinking about this time in our history, I was wondering to myself how I should be spending my waiting time. It is very important to be informed and active in the world, we can not just sit back and allow the world and its problems to pass it by. Not making a choice is making a choice, a choice to not care for the world and its people that we are asked by God to care for. 
How do we show we care when we are so far away and so removed from some of the worlds stage but yet also here in Congo right in the middle of much. There is so much to care for and only 2 hands.
For me as a Mother, I realized how important it is at this time and really all times, it is to raise my children well. 
To raise them to "...To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8 
Justice, Love,  Mercy, and Humility. These are things that are just not seen on the worlds stage very often. 
Are the people we revere humble, just and merciful? No, too often we unknowingly exalt those who are prideful, harsh and selfish. 
But with my two hands in my small part in the middle of the Congo, what can I do about it? Today in my waiting, in the calm of the storm I will do my best to raise and teach my children to see the world and love it so much that they will want to see a different future for it. 
Where we can, when we see injustice we must show justice; hate show love; cruelty show mercy; and pride show humility.  
One day, I do long for a new heavens and new earth, but today we must care for what we have. The world that God created is so beautiful, and amazing; from  the Bee that pollinates our plants to the majestic Lion; from its mountains to its deep seas, the rain and the sun and its people God placed here to enjoy it all. As we destroy it we destroy ourselves.
Instead what can we plant and rejoice in seeing it grow, for the benefit of not just ourselves but all those we share our lives and this world with. 
What I am so thankful for is that this is not an endeavour that I am on alone. I am so thankful for many other beautiful people in our lives that are also striving to raise their children with integrity. That they not only teach these lessons to their children but to mine. Then as our children spend time together they learn and grow not as a single unit but as a community, processing together what they are learning and applying it to their lives. Because our world is not just the concern of one person but for all the people that live in it and I am so thankful the battle is not one to be fought alone.

Here in Congo all is calm. There has been concerns over elections, and it looks like they will be postponed until the end of 2018. So far all seems calm in response to that decision and we are trusting and hoping for a calm rest of the year. 
But it does not mean its done, our even our part is done. We must continue to pray for planning for the elections to really happen in 2018 and encourage all the people of Congo to step up and plan, run and vote in justice, love mercy and humility.  


  1. Your photos and header are beautiful! You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)