Pascal's Face

Monday, December 05, 2016

Pascal is growing up fast, and as much as Ruth is our little princess concerned with all things pink and beautiful; Pascal is our our rowdy bruiser. He loves to wrestle, run, kick and hit.
However there is quite the different consequences for Pascals favourite pass times then Ruth's.
Sometime about 2 weeks ago, Pascal running through the house like a mad man, tripped and fell on Ruth's doll crib resulting in a hole in the side of his face. It swelled up pretty fast so I didn't know how bad it was, however as soon as the swelling went down we realized that the cut went almost all the way through his cheek. 
After conferring with our Nurse/Doctor extraordinaire friends, Jaclyn, Scott and Shermeen later in the day, we realized we probably should have taken him for stitches.
... I guess you are supposed to get them within 9 hours... 
We however waited too long so in lieu we decided to clean it throughly put polysporn on it and superglue it shut. 
Haha yes you read right, we superglued Pascals face... while he was sleeping so he wouldn't notice.
When he woke up the next morning I may have also glued the side of his lips together... lol opps. 
Luckily it didn't take to long for his lips to come apart and after 2 days of superglue, polysporn and cleaning, the hole has closed up nicely.

Though unfortunately thats not where it ended... Just a few days ago Pascal decided to displace his tooth... How he accomplished this is a mystery to all parties involved. But regardless of how it happened, his tooth was ripped up and was sticking pretty much straight out. He was bleeding all over the place and looked really, really funny. Luckily after a few minutes the bleeding stopped and other then some swelling he wasn't in any pain. He was able to drink water and eat pretty much anything I gave him. 
The strange thing is that the tooth wasn't loose, it was quite secure in its new placement. So after conferring again with our great Nurse and Doctor friends we decided that a Dentists expertise was needed. I finally tracked down a number, after talking to him and deciding that because Pascal wasn't in pain and the swelling had gone down (and it was the end of the day on a Friday) we could wait until Monday to see what we needed to do about this crazy tooth. 
Praise the Lord, Pascal woke up the next morning and his tooth had moved back down into pretty much its original location! Why? How? I have no idea; but at least now if Pascal fell on his face, his tooth wouldn't pierce his lip. We went to see the Dentist anyways to see if the root of his tooth was broken and if we needed to pull it. The Dentist, Dr. Neyl was awesome. He was super nice and great with Pascal. We quick got an x-ray and got the happy news that the root of the tooth is not broken and we don't need to pull it!
So now we just have to make sure that we keep an eye out for any infection starting and for the tooth turning black.  Hopefully, if none of that happens we plan to go back in 6 months for a check up to see if everything is still looking okay. 
I am so thankful for our amazing friends that have been able to help with this crazy boys face injuries and that regardless of how both injuries look, they were not worse. 
So maybe just pray for my crazy boy and his mothers heart... because if this is what he does when he is 2, I can only imagine what he will do when he's a teenager...