7 years of Marriage and the Beautiful Challenge of Balance

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

7 years! Year of Jubilee! I think its quite the achievement that 7 years ago Nick and I got married and that today we still like each other. ^_^

People say that most couples are opposites; one is an introvert and one an extrovert; one is an organizer and one makes extravagant messes; one likes tasks that can be accomplished in a short amount of time and the other appreciates the long journey to completion (or at least thats what we are like). One of the things that I have learned from being married is just how beautiful it is that we are different; that we don't like all the same things or react the same ways. I love it because I need to be more then just me. 
I think I felt this new balance when we got married but its importance has become more and more evident to me as time as went on.
 As much as we are opposites, we are very similar in some ways, as we have learned with our recent "Strengthsfinder" results. Both of us have strong Command and Strategic strengths, so we are both good at seeing things that need to get done and organizing the people around us to get them done. But it also means that there are areas that Nick and I together need to be balanced. There is more to the 'Body of Christ' then just the two of us.  
I can not do it on my own, I need Nick. Nick and I can not to it on our own we need others to balance, sharpen and help us to be more like Jesus. 
Before I got married, I thought I was just fine on my own. I didn't 'need' anyone and well technically (other then Jesus) I don't 'need' anyone; however allowing them to be a part of who I am and inviting them in makes me a more complete person because of the strengths and insights they bring into my life that I would not have on my own. 
I love being married for the last 7 years to a man that has allowed us become better people together, I appreciate that we love to do life together and are willing to each sacrifice our own personal desires to better the other and also those around us. 
But sometimes life isn't always sunshine and lolly pops. Sometimes we don't get each other... sometimes we don't like each other... sometimes we are each others sharpening tools that God uses to make us more like him. We live in a crazy place and sometimes we have a crazy life. Even celebrating is difficult but we choose each other anyway. 
We planned to go for a date last night for our Anniversary. Nick left work at 5:15pm and didn't get home until 7, we left right away to go on our date and sat in traffic for another 2 hours to get to a restaurant about 5 km away. 
This is where we sat for an hour and a half... 1 min away from our house...
But you know what... it was great and it was great because we decided it would be great. We made the most of the time we had to chat while sitting in the car, not worrying about the craziness going on in the world around us (and Congo traffic jam are undeniably crazy).
But thats what we have to continue to do, choose. Choose each other. Choose to be a part of something bigger then ourselves and know that we will be better because of it.