Piano Recital

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Since January Jaclyn has been using her mad musical skills to introduce our MAF mks to the Piano. None of our kids had played before so she started from scratch with each of them. It has been really fun for the kids to get together on Wednesdays hang out with each other when they were not in their own lessons and just really great to see each of them grow in their musical skills. 

The Reiersons have just left go on a mini furlough back in Canada but before they left Jaclyn put on a little Piano recital! 

It was so much fun to see each kid perform their songs and see just how proud their awesome Piano teacher is of them! Ruth the youngest student played a simple song showing she understands the difference between the different types of notes. Joel and Katie wow'ed us with their skills (of course since they are the daughter of the Piano teacher ;-). Amelia and Levi Lind, both big fans, played songs from Star Wars!! 

Thank you so much Jaclyn!