From the Forest to the Urban Jungle

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Nicks job requires a lot of flexibility and the ability to do a lot of different roles. You may have seen his posts on facebook but I wanted to share the story again here. 

Last week, he left on Friday and headed out to a village called Ipope. The main goal of the weekend was to take missionaries, the Grings and Wards to the small village where their grandparents started as missionaries in 1933! The weekend was full of bible seminars, healthcare lessons, Jesus film, discipleship, and fellowship. 
Their family missionary heritage, is one of perseverance and dedication that we don't often see today. Though the Grings and Wards now live in Kinshasa, they still make yearly trips out to Ipope. This time a great-great grand baby of original Grings family was able to travel out and see the people of Ipope. Maybe even a 4th generation missionary?

Showing the Jesus Film
The missionaries were spending a few days in the village, so since Nick was going to be there as well was invited out to a spot in the middle of the jungle where a group of researchers work researching the Bonobo Apes. Nick flies these researchers often and thought it would be great to go out and visit them. He went by trail and canoe for about 4 hours from the village of Ipope to reach the research spot. He then went hiking with the researchers for another 6 hours trying to find the Bonobos. This was a great time because he was able to share his testimony and show these researchers that he is not only just interested in flying them but also about who they are and what they do. 
The ladies sitting in the middle of the photo are waiting to see if they can hear the Bonobos.

Right as they were heading back to camp having lost hope in seeing the Bonobos that day, they found them as they were starting to nest in the tree tops for the night (sorry no pics). The next day he walked back to Ipope, total over the weekend he walked about 70km. He got to Ipope and was able to hang out as the Missionaries finished some leadership and hygiene seminars.  

When Nick got back on Monday he was tired but Tuesday he took off his pilot shirt and put on his suit as he presented the report of MAF's ministry to the National Assembly week long meetings of Eglise du Christ au Congo. 
I love my jungle man just as much as my office man and am so proud that he can do both with such ease.