Saturday, August 05, 2017

The Linds have had their minds on Congo for many years. They arrived in Kinshasa shortly after we did 6 years ago. They only came for one year at that time, where Matthew took a short term position helping with Base Maintenance. They decided after that they wanted to be a part of MAF for a long time, they went back to the US and started the arduous task of fundraising and then spent a year of language school in France. 
It was a long road but then 2 years ago they got here. Matthew and Lisa both quickly settled back into life in Kinshasa and got busy. They both dove into the many needs in Kinshasa and were such a blessing to many. Then not long ago Matthew was offered a position at MAF HQ. When I heard about the position I was so excited for them. Matthews heart and skills are really in strategic management and this new placement is really perfect for him. 

In their own words from their blog here 

"While the work here in Kinshasa is more than enough to keep anyone busy, there is a need at MAF headquarters in Idaho that Matthew was asked fill due to his strengths and skills that he has demonstrated in his role in Kinshasa and in his interactions with MAF colleagues around the globe. We have accepted that call to live in Idaho and work from there starting later this summer. This position as a Project Manager for the Tech Resources department will have Matthew operating between the different departments at MAF and with field programs in order to organize information and streamline workflow for the various projects happening across the world."

We had a great going away party for them a few weeks ago. We had many friends and staff come out to celebrate their time, hearts, and service in Kinshasa. Thank you so much for everyone that helped with the Party. Esther for painting the beautiful Africa, Ruth H. for all your organization help and Valerie for your tireless work on the beautiful wall quilt gift for the Linds that I know they will treasure for a long time! 
We are happy to say that the Linds have landed well and are working on setting back into life in the USA. They will be missed here but know that God has a good a perfect plan for those who love them. That means a good plan for the Linds in their new ministry and a good plan for us here in Kinshasa and I am so thankful for that.

Please join me in prayer for the Linds as they settle into life in the USA and that God gives them the strength walk in the path he has set before them.