A BIG Thank You!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

These are our 2 families that work directly for our us at our house. Mosengo has worked for us for 5 years and Fiston for 3. Their jobs are very important because they not only open my gate and help with chores. But they guard our house and our children. You may be thinking that they don’t look very tough… and they probably are not but a sentinels most important job is not to physically defend us, but to help us understand that is going on. The sentinel information train is a fast one. Something could have happened across town and they will know what it is and be able to communicate it to us. They also know the people in the neighbourhood better than we do. They keep people from bothering us that don’t have our best interests in mind. I can let my kids pay in our yard without fear because I know that random people will not be wondering in. 

Everyone with Ruth and Pascal!

Mosengo was married once before and she passed away, he married his current wife. His wife Celestine, has some difficult mental/hormonal illness that really spiral after she gives birth to a child. It becomes enough of an issue that sometimes that is unsafe for her to be left alone with the children at night because she is unable to attend to their needs. But Mosengo, very counter culturally, wants to take care of his wife and make sure she is well regardless of her illness. (Many times here, husbands will just abandon wives with mental illness and just go marry someone else). They had a hard time this year with her mental illness but with lots of appointment and proper medical just this month does she seem coherent. They have 7 children in total, 2 past school age (who are not in the photo) Tresor (22) and Raissant (19). There are 4 who are attending school, Leticia (16), Aimie (13), Shara (11), Chistine (5) and Joseline (3).

Then we have Fistons family, he has 5 children. 2 not yet attending school. Robert (5 Months), Nicholas (2). And 3 school aged kids. Limiere (5), Rodrigese (7) and Brilla (8). 

We just want to send out a HUGE thank you for those who helped towards school fees! We were able to cover 3/4 of their school fees. Thanks so much too all of those who attended my Moms backyard Yoga classes and my Mom for organizing them! This means they will be able to use more of the pay checks on taking care of their families instead of paying off school debt! 

Your help to make sure they are able to send their kids to school is so encouraging to us and also to them. Knowing that half way across the world care about them and their children’s education.