Conjoined Twins- How YOU can help!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I am sure you have seen and heard the amazing story that has been shared around of the Conjoined Twins that we were able to fly to Kinshasa from Vanga to be separated.

Though what we have not talked about much, which is so important, is that this flight was able to happen because of a special project that we have that specifically serves the Vanga Hospital and the Kikongo mission station where a bible university and Hospital are located. We do many flights to both Vanga and Kikongo, but these stations and the people they serve are usually not able pay the lowest cost we offer for flights.

This is where the Vanga Kikongo Flight Assistance Project comes in. In the past we have been able to fundraise through different foundations and people like you, to be able to make sure when flights like this one happen it can be at as little cost as possible.

Our current concern is that this project is almost empty, the flight with the Conjoined Twins to Kinshasa depleted the rest of this project, then after they were separated we were able to get them to Vanga on a already booked flight that was empty going there. However, soon they need to get home and we will be flying them as close as we can get them to their home village, but there are no more funds available in total all the flights for the Twins will cost about $2000.

We have been flying the twins and their parents on faith, hoping that people will give. 

So I would ask, if you were touched by this story and would like to help with many others like it in the future, would you consider giving to Project 4012-Vanga and Kikongo Flight Assistance
You can do so by visiting the Donate page Here.

Your help is invaluable to the many people in these isolated regions that need assistance. Here is another story from this year that we were able to make happen because of the Vanga Kikongo Flight Assistance Project.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! Your support means the world to us and could mean a life to those we serve.