Once Upon A Murder

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Each year theres is an event that I LOVE and look forward to. Ive organized a murder mystery party for the last 3 years and man, are they a ton of fun. This year the theme was fairytales, we had everyone from Red Riding Hood, to Fairy God Mothers to Rumpelstiltskin. The costumes were fabulous, the food was amazing and the decorations set the mood for an amazing time. I am usually thinking about this this for weeks before hand and then the night is over way to fast, but anyways, here are some picture of the evening. Thank you so much to everyone for making it such a memorable evening!  

Our Castle Dining Room

Everyone getting to know each other

Fabulous homemade rock candy cake!! 

Snow White and Snurfles the Dwarf 

Griselda and  Rumple aka Mr. Gold.

Rapunzel and Hansel (Nicole made her apron herself!!)

Teeth and Red

Our Fairy God Mothers

Hemlet the little pig, Princess Marian, Felicity the Fairy God Mother and Snurfles the Dwarf 

Snow White and Prince Charming

 Carsyn the Castle Attendant and Jinn the Genie

Gram and Axe

Red and Gram

The Prince welcoming his guests

All of our awesome food! 

The Dwarfs conferring among themselves 

Starting to work on the objectives

Our Princes!

And Princesses


Spoiler Alert ;-) 

Now who is the Murder! 

Hansel and Gretel 
Aladdin and the Genie 

Making accusations from the grave

Presenting awards

Jasmoor and Aladdin

Belle and the Beast

Princess Giselle and Prince Phineas

The awesome Hosts! 

Gretel and Herb

Red and Teeth

The AMAZING group!