Ticks, Boils and Termites

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sleep lately has been elusive for me.

Since December, our house, our pets, and ourselves has been dealing with a mixture of Ticks, Boils and Termites (as you can see from the title). The Termites have been around for a few years actually, getting into the roof of our guest house. Every time someone would come to stay, they would ask me if I knew about the termites... yes yes I do... So last dry season we decided to try to replace the ceiling of the guest house and replace as much of the supports as we could with metal. Which was great, seemed like it was going okay but then they came back in force! Turns out the workers didn't treat the plywood well and in no time they have been having a grand ol' feast and the termite dust just keeps raining down. So we will take it all down this dry season and try again.
Then we have also been having a hard time with boils! Yes boils! Which are as awful as they sound, we each got one or more with Ruth getting let off the easiest. We finally figured out how to get rid of them quickish after a few long lasting ones. Then also figured out how to keep them from coming back from putting a little bit of bleach into our bath water (thanks Ruth for the tip!).
Then the ticks... our dog Nala got Ticks for the first time about 5 months ago, I had a bit of a freak out because of this story, but was able to get something from the vet that was able keep them off Nala for a time and we sprayed the yard a few times and they seemed to go away...  then they came back and this time I wasn't able to keep them out of my house. Now it wasn't as bad as the story I linked to if you read that, but still if I feel that any sort of itch on my skin could be a tick... and sometimes it is...ugh... But if anyone had it the worst it was poor Nala, she has ticks in some unfortunate places (like in her nail beds). Now in case you are worried, the type of tick that came into our lives was a tick that only likes dogs, so they never attached onto us or the cats, just Nala. However just last week, I finally found a medicine that when given to her to eat kills the ticks when they attach to her!! AHH Im so excited, and so is Nala. She is doing much much better, she is eating more and happier... but I am still battling to get them out of my house... *sigh* And Im not to sure how long the medicine will last... but its working for now.
So this Saturday we head to South Africa for a conference and then some vacation, we are meeting my parents there, YAY! They kids are super excited to spend some quality time with their Grandparents and I need some time out of my house while I dose it with chemicals (and Natural tick repellents), hopefully while we are away everything crawly will die. 

Cause who wants to see pictures of Ticks or Boils... instead here are the kids adorable school Photos! 
I don't write this for pity, but just cause its life and it happens. We have it better then most here and are grateful for that.  There are times where the Enemy of our souls wants to discourage us and I think that these events are physical but spiritual as well. Our home over the past few years has been our place of peace, a get away from the craziness of Kinshasa and that peace has been more work to maintain for the past few months. We are so thankful for our community that is able to help and encourage us during these times and these events makes us lean more on Jesus. So pray for all the bugs to die while we are away so that when we come back from our time in South Africa we can jump back into life without any extra stresses.


  1. Oh...It's a definite challenge and I do pray your time away gives you a wonderful break! May the bugs truly go away so you can focus on more important things.