South Africa 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

We had a great trip to South Africa for Africa Managers Conference and being able to meet my (Jocelyn) parents there. It was a great time of fun and relaxation. If you haven't already seen the One Second Everyday video I put together about it here it is. It has a video clip each day from April 26 - June 5th.
1SE April 26 - June 5 Frey Family from Jocelyn Frey on Vimeo.

The Managers conference was a great time with the West Congo, East Congo, Lesotho and Mozambique programs. We had a time of growing together, hearing from different areas at headquarters, and talking about the good and bad times on each of our programs this year. It was an awesome time to encourage each other and learn how to be better leaders together. Mom and Dad graciously hung out with the kids during the conference and had a blast hanging out on the beach and doing crafts with Alex who came from HQ to hang with the other kids.

Incoming CEO David Holsten

Outgoing CEO John Boyd. Thank you for your service!

After the conference we spend a few days in Cape Town to do some shopping for things back in Congo and show Mom and Dad around. We did some fun touristy things, and sent Mom and Dad on a wine tour and almost left all of our shopping in a taxi.

We then flew to Kruger National Park to see some really awesome African wildlife in the savanna. We stayed at a pretty remote location along a canyon about 45 min from the nearest entrance into Kruger. Our Airbnb was AMAZING, it was in a small nature reserve (no big 5), so we could drive around outside of our door to see Zebra, Kudu, giraffe and more. We had 2 little cabins with a beauty outdoor kitchen and a pool. It was cold but the kids still went it the pool everyday.

Since we were not planning to take the kids into Kruger (we were unsure about the bathroom situation) we went to an endangered species park. We were able to see cheetahs, vultures, Rhinos who poachers found and cut off their horns and other animals/birds either endangered or unable to live in the wild.  Ruth has become fascinated with Rhinos and couldn't believe why someone would want to hurt them. She has requested to become a Rhino doctor now! (Which I feel is a step up from bus driver) It was a wonderful experience for them and for us to see how these animals are being valued and protected.

Mom and Dad went on a 3 day Safari, which could have been better (my bad), but they still have a great time even if they did have to sit in a car for an entire day and evening.

When they got back we left the kids with them and Nick and I went on a self drive into the park. It was so much fun to drive around and see all of the amazing sights.

It was a great time to hang out with my parents and show Africa to them. I am so thankful that they were able to come and experience Africa with us.

Ebola was found in Congo while we were on vacation so Nick jumped right into the response our team was already doing when we got back. The kids jumped into their last month of school and I started a class right away. 
I had my first hair cut here in Congo which was an experience. I also have been busy with school board that I am a part of. Sadly our dog Nala had to be put down, which was really difficult. I havent been able to focus so much on doing blogs since I started school back up, I think my the space in my brain that is reserved for 'writing' is all taken up in thinking of essay topics.

Over all we had a great trip to South Africa and getting back into life in Congo before 'Summer' /dry season, Nick loves flying and serving the people of Congo hes been busy, but does it really count when you are doing what you love?
Thanks so much for all of your support and prayers.