Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well here we go! We've been in Idaho for about a week and a half now and it has really been a awesome time so far to be able to meet some amazing new people and get to know more about the organization that we are going to be serving with. We still do not know which city in DRC we are going to be in, because well the director in the Congo doesn't know either. We got the privilege of talking to him via Skype yesterday and he sounds very excited to have us there (Probably not as excited as we are to be there though :-)

So far we have been doing alot of classroom work, from learning about the different programs to getting a list of what we need to pack. But I just thought I would give you a quick tour of where we are staying. I would have to say at the moment it feels like home... well at least for another 2 weeks ^_^

This is the front of the MAF Office Building. 

There are 3 Apartment building with 3 different sized rooms in each.

This is what all of the candidate pilots start flying on .

Another view of the park and apartment buildings.

This is the front of our room on the left.

Our desk/dining table.


Bed and Dining room.

Washing Machine and Dish washer!!! ^_^

Well thats the short tour of our digs at the moment! I hope everyone is doing well and you will hear from me soon!!!

Nick & Jocelyn Frey


  1. Salama from Madagascar. I found your blog link on the Barber's blog and thought i'd pop by to "meet" the other 'jocelyn' from MAF Canada :-) Looks like you guys are having a hectic year of fantastic adventures: wedding(s), Idaho, friend-raising, placement etc. All the best as you enjoy the ride!
    Jocelyn R. Plett
    MAF Madagascar