Happy Halloween

Monday, November 01, 2010


After a Halloween night November is here!  We had a total of 5 trick-or-treater's, which basically means more candy for us and guests who come visit ;)  We continue to wave and say 'bonjour' as we pass each other and every now and then we exchange chats about weather, work or winter.

Our fellow citizens have us questioning what this winter will be like.  We see more and more people prepare, for what seems like war, as they install temporary tents/garages for their cars, driveways and walkways.  My quick research shows that Québec City receives an average of about 10-14 feet of snow in a winter.  

Praise God that French lessons are going well and our language is increasing as is our opportunity to practice it.  We get a variety of lessons from friends at the church, soup kitchen, grocery store, youth group, video rental place, prayer meetings, and other interactions in our French immersed lives.  God is teaching us about humility and the importance of relationships based on love in actions as well as in words.  It's also been amazing to pray and read the bible in another language!

Funny interactions include:
Jocelyn getting her haircut by un coiffeur (hair dresser) who only spoke French, me having car talks with le mécanicien (mechanic) who installed our tires, to un vendeur (salesman) trying to sell Jocelyn something in the grocery store.  Not to mention the daily jokes that come from translation with our tutor Suzanne.

Upcoming we have a missions conference in Montréal this weekend, visiting friends in Maine next weekend, and hanging out with Jocelyn's sister in Montréal the following weekend.  

Merci (thank you) for your continued support of us on this journey through so many ways!  We have many other stories and moments that God continues to bless us with we'd love to share with you.

Nick n Jocelyn Frey

P.S. Vote on who would win between a Tiger and a Gorilla!