Ontario to Alberta

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We have officially arrived in Alberta! We had a great rest of our time in Ontario. We visited many friends we hadn't seen in a long time, and though we tried very hard we were unable to see everyone that we wanted to. We will be back in Ontario after lil frey #2 is born and hope to see everyone again then. 

Emily Beatty Photography
We even got a chance to speak at Hawkesville Mennonite Church (Nicks home church) and met the new pastor. We are so encouraged and blessed by everyone who loves and supports us there.

We were also VERY excited to be able to be around for our Niece Emery, first birthday!! 

It is hard sometimes living in Africa because we don't get to be a part of milestone times in our loved ones lives and they don't get to be there for ours. Yes we get to Skype and see pictures but it is different then being there in person. It is a difficult thing for both us in Congo and though in North America.

Emily Beatty Photography

So we are so excited and extra thankful every time we are able to be a part of events like Emerys first birthday. Ruth also really enjoyed all of the time we got to spend with Charity and Emery. Every morning we would come down stairs for breakfast and she would yell 'EMERY!'. It was really so much fun to see them play together and get to know each other. 

We are now in Grande Prairie (Jocelyn's home town). This is only Nicks second time here and there are many people that he had never met. He got the opportunity to go to my home church CFA and met many friends of mine. 

Nick leaves in 2 weeks to continue on with his training in Kansas and Idaho. Ruth and I will continue our stay here in Grande Prairie and make our way soon to Edmonton where we will stay until the baby is born. I will be starting a class while Nick is away so I can continue plugging away at my degree.