Pascal 18 Months

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last week Pascal passed his 18 month mark, he is turning into quite the Big guy! 
He is 'talking' lots with only a few intelligible words, but he sure seems to be telling quite the stories. Usually kids that are being raised bilingual take a little longer to start speaking so I'm not too worried. He understand and responds to most things we ask of him which is fun to see. Though I just asked him if he was hungry and he responded with a perfect 'cookie' that he has never said before lol. 
He is our little adventurer, who loves to read and to cuddle! He's very kind (other then the hitting when he is frustrated) and loves to play with his sister and is even learning to play with other kids when he gets the chance.
He loves balls and cars but his favourite are books, if I am sitting down to read he will grab and book and sit down next to me and start flipping through the pages. 

So enjoy our little photoshoot we did with him in his fancy new Congolese shirt :-)