Camping in Congo

Friday, January 05, 2018

We have found a new-to-us place to go camping! We have tried a few things out side of Kinshasa but most things we have found haven't ended up being restful but more of a stressful weekend away. However, many people go out to a camping spot called  BomboLumene. It is named as such because it is the juncture of the rivers the Bombo and the Lumene. Im not to sure why it took us so long to come camping out here but now that we have this will be a regular weekend get away for us. We first went at the beginning of November with our friends Glen, Esther and Ruby-Jane. Then we went camping over new years with Ruth and Stephen Hale, fellow MAF team mates. Both times we had a ton of fun and plan to go back soon. Most of our Christmas gifts to each other were camping related so we are getting better each time we go :-).

Goats hiding from the Rain

Hiking down to the River

Inside our Chalet

It was chilly enough for a fire :-) 

The Chalet was built in 1958

Esther's first ever S'more

Games by flash light

Heading Home! 

All tuckered out

New Years Camping
This was our second trip and we went with the Hales. We arrived just as a bunch of other MAF folks were leaving so it was fun to over lap with them for a few hours. We forgot to bring matches this time and only had one box that the previous group left us, which got wet... but we had fire starters and a car cigarette lighter haha... it took some figuring out but we eventually got our fires going enough to cook. 

Looking for fish

The Hales! 

Everyone were good sports and let me take some cool long exposure shots

Our New Years eve activities!