Ask, Seek, Knock

Saturday, April 02, 2011

What's happened?
Red Bull Crashed Ice
March was a fantastic and challenging month for us here in Québec.  Fantastic, because we had even more visitors and fun events to attend here in the city.  Challenging, because we continue to progress in French, but not without hard work.  Jocelyn said last night that she can now speak enough French to get her in trouble :)  That's because we're starting to get into those deeper more profound conversations...but sometimes having difficulty expressing ourselves or explaining ourselves to find our way out of them!  And so we continue to search.  Searching to improve.

What's happening?
A few things on our plate lately have been: finding an apartment for the next MAF missionaries (the Barbers) arriving here mid July, celebrating with our tutor at the sale of their house and beginning to help them move/plan/build our new classroom, organize our 2 week cross cultural/relational training session at MAF US headquarters in Nampa Idaho at the end of April, setting up and preparing to complete my US pilots licence while in Nampa, researching how Jocelyn can complete her psychology degree online over the next 4 years, getting ready for DR Congo by getting Jocelyn her passport, getting us more vaccinations and thinking about the things we'll be taking/sending.  All that in the midst of our "regular" lives here.  Searching for guidance.

What will happen?
Maple Taffy time!
We will continue classes until the end of June, and then stay in Québec to help get the Barbers settled in here in July.  Once they're set up, we plan to go camping for a week or some sort of similar vacation.  Then we want to either go to Oshkosh (a giant aviation congregation/air show) or the beautiful east coast of Canada.  For the first week of August we'll be in Ontario visiting friends and family one last time, and also going to a friends wedding.  The second week of August we'll be in Alberta doing visiting.  Then my 4 weeks of pilot training begins in Nampa and once that's complete we hope to be in Kinshasa, DR Congo mid September.  Searching for God's will to be done and for His kingdom to come.

Those who search will find....but those who don't search, find nothing.  May you keep searching as well.

Nick Frey