Sunday, August 28, 2011

So I know its been a while and I have TONS of Pictures to share with you so Im just going to do one chunk at a time so Ill hopefully put up quite a few blog posts in the next little while.
So the last time I talked to you all we had just left Quebec! WOW! Does that seem like forever ago! We dearly miss all of our Quebec family!
But after we left Quebec we went for a 2 week long holiday!! Wooooo I know it was very exciting. So we went camping;
with the intent of making it to Oshkosh, Mi, which is the world largest Airshow.
But to get there we spend a night in a town about a hour north of Montreal, at our friend, Nick Friesens house!  He and his house mates where at a race in BC (If you remember a couple of weeks ago I had a post up about a bike race they did in Quebec City) 
The next night we went to Ottawa and visited our friend Jeremie Raimbault, he showed us around and he took us to see the light show that was on the Parliament building.

It was an AMAZING show! It was soo neat to be able to see it. The next morning we also went to the Art museum, which I think we could have spend like 16 hours there, but we didnt have time. So after about 4 we called it quits and continued on our trip. Next we went to Hawkesville On, where Nicks sister and father had bought us a night at a bed and breakfast. It was nice to have a shower and sleep in a nice bed. 
Next we made it to a camp ground somewhere on Lake Ontario which was HUGE! Ok so I have never seen the great lakes before and well they are pretty great! 
Then the next day was a pretty long hike about 10 hours almost right to Oshkosh where we stayed at a camp ground for 2 nights where they have a phenomenal thing called a Jumping Pillow!! 
I Know awesome right!! It was so much fun!  And whenever there wernt tons of kids on it (which wasn't to often) Nick and I got to play on it :-) So we hung out there for 2 days and played in the pool, went for ice cream, cooked ravioli in a can in the fire... You know good camping things! Then we made our way to our host familys house about 30 mins away from Oshkosh! They were an awesome family, we felt so blessed to be at their house and able to get to know them. 

We helped 2 of the 3 days that we were there at the MAF booth. I wasnt to sure about spending our holiday working an MAF booth; but you know what it was so much fun. We got to meet so many amazing people that are doing the same type of thing that we are and tons of people that just really like airplanes. I asked Nick to many questions so I had to rotate around the pilots and ask them nerdy plane questions. 

There were about 5 air shows a day! And they were pretty cool. I probably cant even explain very well how many people and airplanes where there. But it was mind boggling. 

So after our couple of days there, we stopped one night on the way back on Ontario and made it there a little stinky as we didn't do laundry the whole time, but over all we had a very good holiday. 

More updates to come!!


  1. A JUMPING PILLOW???? Lucky!