Just Maui'ed

Monday, November 18, 2013

I know that everyone felt really sorry for us with our trip to go to Maui so I just wanted to post a few pics to let you know that it really wasn't as bad as it seemed ;-)

We had such a great time being able to spend some really quality time with family and friends. We felt so honoured to be a part of Nicole and Jasons wedding day and be able to be there to show them how much we love and support them. They hung around for about a week after the wedding as well hanging out with family and now they are off on their own doing their official Honeymoon! It was also a great time just to rest and debrief after 2 years in Congo. It was hard to say 'see you later' to so many friends and to our house that we have been working so hard to get in working order because well 6 months in a long time but we hope and pray to return in no time rested and refreshed with Gods love and vision for MAF in Congo fresh in our minds.

My mom and Ruth on Halloween 
So Ill just do a quick picture show of our time there so you can get a idea of what we did for our vacation in Maui, I would recommend it to anyone it was a lot of fun!

My Dad, Ruth and Nick.

Nick and I

Sunset at Napili Kai

Night before the wedding we went to a Luau

Ruth got to learn about tradition hawaiian instruments  

Wedding Day!

She is beautiful! Getting her hawaiian wreath put on

All Dressed up

Perfect day for a wedding

Getting pictures done at sunset

I even did a speech

Love her!

After wedding activities

We even carved a pumpkin :-)

Lava flow from about 2000 yrs ago

A Volcanic release valve that now is beautiful to snorkel in

Much to Nicks surprise he really had fun

Just a really awesome fish.

My Grandma even came out! 

All the family that came out for the wedding!

We are good at family pics :-)

How to get Ruth pose for a picture! lol
So there you go I hope that you enjoyed looking at the pictures almost as much as we enjoyed being there. We are now in Nampa Idaho staying in the MAF apartments with our manager training starting tomorrow! It will be lots of talking, learning, sharing and working together to try and figure out best how we need to be prepared for this role we are stepping into. Be praying for us that we would be able to soak everything in as much as possible and God to change our hearts to match his better!

Love you all!