The Plan

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I just wanted to do a bit of a update of what we are up to over the next little while. We are all packed up and ready to go and we are heading out of Kinshasa October 28th (Tomorrow) at 22:25… but will leave the house to get to the airport at 16h. We fly first to Istanbul and have about a 6 hour layover there this I think is a 6 or 8 hr flight. We then fly out of there at 12:50 and then fly to LA. We arrive there at 17:45… It may seem like its only a 5 hour long flight however I there is also a 8 hour time change so with that the flight will be about 13 hours long… That will be the longest flight then we get to spend about 14 hours in LA where we will stop over in a hotel and try to get some sleep. Then we will fly from LA to Honolulu which will be about a 6 hour flight and then lastly the flight from Honolulu to Kahului, Maui which is only 45 min long!

So we arrive finally in Maui October 30 at 3:02pm!

We will be in Hawaii for 15 days, my sisters wedding is November 3, Ruth gets to be the flower girl! Then we will be able to spend the rest of the time relaxing and catching up with family.

Then on November 15 we fly out of Hawaii to arrive in Boise Id, were we will spend a month. There we will be a part of manager training as Nick will be taking a management position when we get back to Congo. We will get to spend some quality time with our friends Matthew and Lisa Lind while there.

On December 18 we will fly out to spend Christmas in Ontairo, I get to meet beautiful Emery (our niece) for the first time! I'm pretty excited. Then after Christmas we will fly to Alberta were we will spend 2 weeks with my parents before Nick heads out for another 3 weeks of Piloty training in a couple different places.

I will stay in Alberta and will be there for a while as I await a special little someone coming April 25th 2014. Ruth is pretty excited… and so are we!

Nick will head back to Congo for about a month and a half to transition over in his manager position then pop back right before the appearance of lil Frey #2! Then we will fly back to Congo as a family of 4 about the end of May. If everything goes according to plan ;-) 

Woo it's a lot of traveling and a lot going in in the next 7 months. I am sad that I am going to be gone from Congo for so long but you can only plan these things with so much accuracy lol God is in Control and he knew the perfect time to have our next baby. 

Was appreciate your prayers during this time and we hope to see some of you during this time, so if you think of us over the next couple days as we are flying or the next couple months please pray for us, for a good transition even if its only temporary and that Ruth would fly and sleep well. Also for the health and a good birth of our next baby!!

We love you all we could not do this without you!


  1. Yes!!!!! Another baby Frey!!! Super stoked for you! I will have to see you about a week after you arrive. We are heading to Palm Springs on the 14th, so we will meet up when we get back to town!

  2. Oh my goodness! Congrats! I love how you snuck that news in here. : ) See you soon. Jenn W.

  3. Wow! That is a lot of travelling!!!! How amazing to see so much of our world but probably exhausting for you all especially with a bun in the oven. Hope you all feel refreshed and ready for the next step of this amazing journey you're on! We will definitely continue to pray for you all.
    The Van Boom's