Friday the 13th

Thursday, June 12, 2014

It has been a fun past couple weeks here in Kitchener. We are getting down to our last day here and we are doing our best as good missionaries do to shove as much as we can in our last couple days. We have seen lots of friends, written lots of thank you cards, caught up on seeing movies, playing with our cousin and Grandparents, eating Dairy Queen ice cream cakes, pizza pops and one last fancy dinner for our Anniversary.

We were originally supposed to head back to Congo Saturday the 7th but did not have Pacals visa, so then we were going to leave tomorrow the 10th but then tickets were quite expensive... So now we are leaving this coming Friday the 13th, cause tickets are much cheaper... Probably because it's Friday the 13. Luckily that sort of stuff doesn't bother us :-).

Though I think that God had a good plan in our delay because leaving friday puts Pascal and I at 6 weeks post c-section meaning that I am again allowed to lift more weight then just Pascal. Which I think will be much better for flying with 2 kids then if I could not help. Though I will still be taking it easy to make sure to stay healed up. 

We are so excited to get back to Congo, our flights continually being put off has seen us pack and then unpack several times and thus we are currently living in a half packed state. But this the the 'Congo factor' in our return trip, you just have to expect that things will take longer then expected.

We will hit the ground running when we finally as there will be lots of things being handed over to Nick before the current Program manager leaves and also a few visitors coming to see us not long after we arrive back. Then of course I will officially take over the job of 'sole caregiver' of two children while Nick is at work which will be interesting. We thought having 2 kids would be just double the effort of 1... But have now decided it is indeed more then that. So we could use your prayers for a quick adjustment back into life in Congo and grace to accomplish all our tasks and goals. 

Thanks so much for your support, God willing the next time you hear from us it will be from Sunny Kinshasa!