Back in Kinshasa!

Thursday, July 03, 2014

MAF team that is here for the summer
I have to say that our trip back to Congo, and our first 2 weeks back though there were some moments that have been difficult, it has gone much better then I thought it would. We were blessed with a ride to the airport and someone lending us their van to get there. Checking in our bags was a breeze, and I do indeed love being able to go through the short 'family' line through security. Our first flight was just to Montreal then to Brussels and lastly Kinshasa, all with short layovers. Ruth slept very well on the flight from Montreal to Brussels but not very much on the Brussels to Kin but for the most part was in good spirits. The longest part of our trip was probably the drive back to our house as we got stuck in traffic for about a hour only 5 km away from our house.

Fran handing the coke bottle 'baton' to Solo
Then after only being home for 3 days our regional director who is moving into a new position and his replacement came for a visit to do the official hand off with our team here in Kin. We had the pleasure of being able to share most of their meals with them as some of the other families in our program were traveling on their vision trip (Check out their adventure here). However it was good because they had lots of good chats with Nick in preparation of him taking over the position of program manager!
Lynette, Eric, and Erika with Ruth

Then right before they left we had a family who I have gotten the pleasure to know over Facebook but never in person, arrived. The Fagerland's are a American Airforce family who will be retiring in 3 years and would like to join MAF after that! They have a 13 yr old daughter Erika and they wanted to make sure that she would be on board as well to coming not just anywhere with MAF but to Congo! So they arrived on the 21st and headed home yesterday. It was such a blessing to have them here because they were able to help me out so much with playing and taking care of Ruth as I did my best to get settled back into life here in Kinshasa. Without them here specifically at this time I think my last 2 weeks would have been quite a bit more difficult, but Lynette is such an amazing crafty mom and brought so many fun thing for Ruth to play with. I just know Ruth is going to miss them so much!

So now officially, our guests are gone, Nick took over as program manager, I am slowly working out what it means to be a mother of 2 here in Kinshasa and Ruth turned 2 today!! A post more on that later! 


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  2. It is great to have you back! I remember having a toddler and a baby both in cloth diapers. You are doing a fabulous job! Praying for you.