The Wall

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I've always liked our wall, it's not a tall wall, it doesn't have glass or razor wire on the time. It's a non imposing wall... However now my once beloved wall maybe need some modifications and here is why.

Our beautiful short-razorwire-less Wall
Over the last few weeks, we have had some things around our yard and garage start to go missing. 
It started after we had dozens of workers meandering around our house and yard while we were getting our roof redone and hot water fixed.
The first time it happened we thought it maybe was just a one time thing since the items were bigger (Nicks Bike and electric wood saw). 
We talked to our guards about being more vigilant during the night.  We started to be more careful about putting things away at night
Then another small item went missing... It was a little more annoying and concerning.

Then just the other night our guard was walking around noticed one of our outside chairs was missing and then saw someone by the wall the wrestled him a little bit yelled help then the theif jumped back over the wall onto the street. A police officer heard the commotion and came to help. They chased the guy down, the theif dropped the chair and rake but got away with a shovel.

We do think that now since our guard and a police officer in the area has seen his face that he will not attempt to steal anything else. Though however it does raise some questions about if we need to make some modifications to our wall. 
Does it need to be taller? 
Does it need broken glass or razor wire to keep people from jumping over it? 
Do we need to get a security Dog? - (though it would take time to grow until it was actually threatening anyways.)
But to be honest everyone has tall walls and most people have something on top of them and lots of people have guard dogs. *sigh* I just really didn't want to. 

Nick praying with our Guards for safety and protection
It's not really the stuff, they are just things, and we do not feel like our person is being threatened. But we need to make sure that we are not leaving our selves out to being open targets, a location for temptation for others to steal from. We need to be wise.
So if you could pray for us about what modifications we need to make to make sure that our yard stays safe during the night and for our guards that they stay safe as they do their best to keep our things safe from sticky fingers.