First day of school

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

So here I am... Sitting at home with one kid sleeping and one kid at school!...

Everything all marked and ready to go!

This is a weird feeling. We always planned on sending Ruth to school, but man it's a weird parenting moment when you actually do. 

Its strange to be with a person almost every single day all day for 3 years and then go down to only seeing them a few hours a day. I think this transition will be harder on Mama then on Ruth haha. 
School Supplies

We decided to send Ruth to school because well, there really isn't anything for kids to do in Kinshasa. There's no swimming lessons or gymnastics. No play grounds or parks. Really no much other then to get together with friends and hang out between your brothers naps. 

Meeting up with Friends

At home we were doing well, some days we would think of fun things to do and people to hang out with and other days she was just bored. She needed something else, more interaction and challenge. I have started some homeschooling but every since Nick ans I lived in Quebec we wanted our Kids to go to school in French, be it here or in Canada. And I don't think I could teach her French enough to be fluent like a native French speaker could. 

Also there are two other MAF families that we're going to put their kids in school as well. They are two little girls the same age as Ruth and a boy going into grade one. 
So with most of Ruth's friends heading to school we decided that it would be best for her to join them. So all 4 kids got signed up with the International Belgian School here in Kinshasa! It worked out great to have all 3 families going there because we get to carpool! 
One Dad will drop them off every morning and then the other moms and I will share the pick ups. 

Backpack all hung up!

I think Pascal also wanted to go to School

New Favourite spot

Play ground

For the last few weeks everyday she has asked if she could go to school and this morning it happened! We had to wake up early as school starts at 7:15 but as soon as she heard she was going to school she was excited. We headed out as a family for the first day of school to meet her teacher and see her classroom. 
Elijah going in to his Class
She is in Mme Isabel's class with one of the other MAF girls Adah; Abby is in the other Maternelle class. 
She instantly was excited about all the new toys to play with; she was a little shy about all the kids and her teacher but she seemed very excited to be there. Neither of us cried (yay me) when we said good bye and have a good day. 
I think she will do great, though the day will be long for her as she usually naps right at the time school is ending, so I think she will be right exhausted when she gets home... Though I may not let her sleep for a little while so I can hear all about her day! 

For now I think I hear that Pascal is awake and excited to have some Mama time before sister gets home! 

Happy First Day of school!