So many people, so little impact?

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Never have I seen so many people at one place in my life. We have completed a few flights recently that have drawn entire villages to the airstrips to see the action. Literally thousands of people encircling the runway and airplane, all trying just to get a glimpse of what and who is arriving and departing. 

This has partly been because of the VIPs on board. Sometimes top government officials or country wide church leaders or tribal chiefs. Even just to say that you saw "so and so" get off the airplane will help your status in the small village context. 

These have been very important flights and we've played an extremely vital role in the development, both physical and spiritual, of the Congolese people. 

Yet as I sat in the airplane waiting for the myriads of people to vacate the runway so that I could takeoff, I couldn't help think of how much need was here and how little I could do. What difference did this small flight make in the grand scheme of things?

Jesus said, upon looking at the crowds, that he saw them as sheep without a shepherd and as a grand harvest that needed workers. His words are so true. Recently they have become all the more real for me. 

May the workers work hard to show that ones identity is found in Christ. That he is the most important VIP and that knowing him can change your status with God and with man forever.  And may more workers join in the harvest.