Tandem Lens here on a Mission!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Where the boats end up during Dry Season along the River
Photo Cred - Tandem Lens
You know, sometimes Pilots and mechanics are not the best story tellers or picture takers; sometimes they are great but sometimes they have do many other things to do it usually doesn't cross their mind. It has taken me a few years of cultivating to make a good 'cell phone photographer' out of my husband. And even though he takes some really great pictures, that doesn't mean that he is in many of them if he's taking them. 

Nick with an IMA director - Tandem Lens
Which is why I'm really excited to let you know that over the last week and a half we have had the privilege of hosting an amazing couple, Mark and Kelly Hewes. They are a MAF resource team that has been traveling the MAF world trying to capture what MAF is doing, to be able to show you!

Peeking at the Airplane in Kiri -Tandem Lens
They have been able to tag along on some great flights with Nick this week, and captured him in action! They are going to be here for a few more weeks before moving on to other MAF bases and I am so excited about the experiences they are able to have, the people they are able to chat with and the need for MAF that they will see. 

Nick with a group from MCC in Kajiji
-Tandem Lens

I just wanted to share with you a few great shots they took of Nick over the last week so that you can see for yourself my handsome pilot, the WDRC Director in his element. Maybe even one of these days they will catch him in his suit ;-). 

Not just a pretty face this guy! He works hard!
-Tandem Lens

Stay tuned in the Months to follow as MAF will be able to share the great stories of this beautiful country we call home.