Proud of being a Bradfield

Saturday, December 26, 2015

I was always proud of my last name growing up. My sister and I loved that it had a history and a great story attached to it. It spurred our imaginations as we tried to find the Bradfield crest and were so excited when we found there is a Bradfield street and a College in England.
This name came from my Grandfather Chris. He was an adventurous man when he was young, I wish I new more of his story, maybe I will find out more of it now. But my favourite story is when he decided to leave England to find a new place and he was trying to decide if he would go to Australia or Canada but he missed the boat to Australia so he went to Canada. (We always joked we were so close to being Australian!)
He arrived in Canada with his peddle bike with one of his only possessions and between that and the CN rail, made his way across Canada until he finally settled down in Alberta. There he got a farm, a wife, 3 kids and he never went back. 
He loved his Hockey and regardless of his youthful adventures it was always pulling teeth to try to convince him to take a break from his cows. Though when he did, he always enjoyed it. 
You could always count on him for a cup of tetley tea or 5 whenever you dropped in.
This was a man dearly loved, and he passed away just a few days ago. Though I think it happened how he would have liked it, quick and with no fuss. 

Thank you Grandpa for a beautiful name and all of the memories attached to it. 

I will always be a Bradfield at heart.