Kerith Retreat

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Since our time in Athabasca we have been in a few different places but one of the places that I would like to talk about here is one of the things that we were looking most forward to during our time here in Canada. 
We attended a Kerith Retreat, this is a retreat for pastors and missionaries put on by Focus on the Family.
It was a  a retreat in all senses of the word, we were there with 3 other pastor couples there with us, a director couple, 2 host couples and a care taker couple that takes care of the grounds. One of the host couples was there training to do it them selves next time. 
These 4 couples where amazing, they prayed for us each day and loved on us to be able to make sure we had the time we needed to spend with God and with each other. 
It was also so great to be able to get to know the other 3 couples that where there with us. Its so cool to see us go from complete strangers on the first day to great friends and fellow co-labours in the Lord on the last. 
I would have to say if there are any Pastors or missionaries out there that are looking for a time of renewal with people that truly love and want to serve those who spend their lives in service of others. 
We spent 6 full days plus 2 travel days  at the retreat, each day we would have a group session and talk about a variety of things, then 3 of those days we had a private session with the directors talking about things as a couple.
But other then that we had a great amount of time to explore, one of the other ladies there Lindsey is an artist and we had a great time going out a few time just taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. 
We are so glad that we were blessed with this opportunity and pray we will use what we have learned from this time for many years to come. 


  1. You had a big group! wow. I am so glad that you guys had this experience and i truly hope that it will be as beneficial in the long term as it was for us. As time goes on, i notice increasingly that the things we learned and discussed at Kerith Pines has sown seeds that have had a cumlative effect on our lives in ministry with MAF in Madagascar. Truly, our Kerith experience was the fulcrum upon which our sabbatical turned, and we often reference things from that week even months later. I also would join your recommendation for anyone in ministry to make the investment into this very valuable ministry resource. It's not a 'vacation', it's personal/professional development that can have large long-term effect! :-)