7 days of jet leg

Friday, August 05, 2016

We have been back in Kinshasa for almost a week now.

They say that it takes about 1 day for each hour of time change to fully adjust to your new time zone. 
I'm not to sure if that's true or not but it always makes me feel less guilty for being tired for the first week when we arrive back to Kinshasa. (I said 7 instead of 6 or 8 cause we were in BC then Alberta for a few days then Onatrio where I made no effort to adjust us to the time difference so I adveraged it ;-) 
Our flight went really well, Ruth slept well on both flights. Pascal on the other had is having a hard time sleeping anywhere but in bed with us... So he only slept a few hours on the flight, but over all was in good shape. Our bags all came in and nothing was missing. Woohoo for an uneventful trip into Kinshasa. 
The first few days home were full of putting things away, but as I was putting away I realized the need to organize and clean the areas where I was working and because Nick was home I had the time to do it. I had several areas of the house I wanted to do this with and probably got half done in each area and the other half was just been shoved back in when Nick went back to work Monday. Hopefully I have time/energy to get to it again.

Nick jumped right back into work, cause there is always more things needing to be done then there are people and time for. Also because there have only been one family holding down the base and one Pilot (with his family in the States) and then almost everyone else is arriving back next week.
Luckily (for us probably not everyone else :-p) Nicks Congolese pilot license needs renewal so he isn't able to fly yet, so he is at least limited to office work instead of flying and office work.
However we are needing to get our Caravan painted so he is going to be going with another Pilot and will be gone most of next week.
This leaves  the kids and I at home and a little busy because our new family the Reierson's arrive next Thursday!!! We are so excited to be able to have them as neighbours, be able to help introduce them Kinshasa and serve along side them here.
So I have been working with Lisa trying to prep for their arrival and then also for the 3 other families that are arriving this week as well, so our not only is our pilot team stretched but so is the hospitality team.
Other then that, I am working on trying to implement some of the things I wanted to work on to make life a little easier and a little less stressful, but jumping back into the insatiable needs and stresses of Congo hasn't left much time for those. However God uses our situations and those around us to shape our hearts, scape off the hard edges but I am encouraged because I know and believe that as I seek God he leads me on a path that is good for my soul.

"You Yourself have recorded my wanderings.  
Put my tears in Your bottle. 
Are they not in your Records? 
Then my enemies will retreat, on the day when I call. 
This I know: God is for me." 
Psalms 56:8-9

This is a hard truth to really secure in my heart. Do I really believe that God is for me, regardless of all the bad decisions I make? Do I believe he is for me when things around us seem dark? When I worry about the future?  When in too busy to pray cause there are 'greater' needs elsewhere? The results of our own choices and of others hurt? Especially when I'm in the grip of 7 days of jet leg, do I really believe?

"I do believe [I believe He is for me]... help my unbelief" 
Mark 9: 24

He is for all of us. Each and every day.