Tires rolling down the street

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update, it was 3 months the other day until we get hitched!! Which also means we have 3 months to finish up all of our fundraising.

We would just like to thank everyone that has supported us so far; we could not do this without you. We are having so much fun just being able to go around and visit with friends and family and get to know them in a way that we would have never had the chance if we were not doing it. It has been such a blessing and God has just shown himself so faithful over and over again to us. He keeps on blowing our expectations away and when we think that we are so behind he just comes up right in his timing (which always seems last minute for us), but he always comes through!

Fun story before I go, the other day when we were driving downtown Elmira, going to shoppers to pick up some things, we hear this HUGE *clunk* and the car goes down on the left side and we are skidding down the road. However with Nicks far superior driving skills we make it to the side of the road as I comment on the fact that we had to get a flat tire at some point... As Nick jumps out of the car and gets on his phone he quickly corrects me that our tire it just fine... it is just no longer connected to the car! (Well that's how I interpreted it anyway.

Luckily I had my camera for this monumental
occasion so I could share it all with you...