January Recap

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I was just talking with my dad and realized it`s already been a month since we we're in Ontario celebrating Christmas and New Years.  Although time fly's by, I continue to not fly :)  However, our French classes are in full swing and we are really trying to make the most of our time here in Québec.

Notre Retour
Returning from our '3 provinces in 3 weeks tour' we enjoyed a day of rest and then jumped back into routine.  Our tutor had been sick for a few days, as was I; which has us making up for missed classes on Monday's (our usually "day off").  Our church started having 'hockey night in Québec' every Sunday evening which has been a fun way to fellowship, stay in shape, and meet others who join us at the public outdoor rink.  Jocelyn and I checked out L'Hôtel de Glace (the ice hotel) which was really cool...literally ;)  During the last weekend we had our apartment jammed with 4 visitors from Conrad Grebel University College who came to check out Carnival.  Carnival is a massive winter festival here and will last for 3 weeks.

More and More
Our studies have been going well and we are both happy with our progress.  Our opportunities to practice French have been increasing as well, having us out between 5 and 7 nights a week.  Please pray as we seek balance and try to determine what "work" looks like when everything requires us to think and process in another language.  We had the opportunity to teach the young adult class at our church 2 weeks ago, which went well.  Friday nights we spend time with the young adults as well in worship, discussions, games and prayer.  

Coming Up
We start receiving our vaccinations for DR Congo in 3 doses beginning next week.  We're also planning out how our last month in Canada will look, as we finalize flight training dates with MAF US.  So stay tuned to here about our next visiting time near you in July.  We have more friends coming to visit us in the near future with Ben and Lisa next weekend and Jocelyn's sister Nicole in March!!!!  Just like the Kingdom of God, all are welcome here :)
peace of Christ to you and yours,
Nick Frey