Fly Fly Fly away into the Heart of Darkness

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

These are some pictures that Nick took when he got to go on his first flight inland! He was pretty excited to see where he will be flying too. he hasn't been able to fly to much because the plane that he is supposed to be trained on was having a new engine shipped in  that was stuck in customs for a little while.
But he has been having lots of fun helping around the hanger and learning little bits here and there about airplane maintenance and getting to know our national workers in the hanger.

Nick had the wonderful privilege of flying with a really amazing guy, Luke Abbot. He is the president of a company called Covington Aircraft with his father and last year they offered him a year sabbatical to come and and serve in a mission aviation. So after training and getting them out here, they have been a really awesome encouragement and everyone has loved having them here. So Nick has got to fly with him and has really enjoyed it!

The Congo River!
So on this flight Nick got to fly to 2 places which we fly to quite often. Vanga which is pretty much a hospital town. It is known all over the congo and people even from the big city of Kinshasa fly there to get better medical attention. On this flight we fly quite a few doctors, and important vaccines that have to keep cold. It is possible to drive there from Kinshasa but the vaccines wouldn't make it there cold if taken by road. 

On this trip they took a lady that was born here in the Congo but has lived most of her life in the states and was going there for 10 days to be able to volunteer and see the country of which she was born.

And the second place they went to was Kikongo, they have a bible school there that we take many teachers. Inbetween Vanga and kikongo there is a agricultural project that are doing some really awesome work!

And the Kids LOVE to have their pictures taken. And Nick said they also love to pretend like they are Ninjas!

Then of course some of the most important people on our team, are the wonderful guys that are working on the planes back here in Kinshasa! They are such awesome guys and I think it is such a talent to look at a place or really anything with mechanical parts and be able to keep it repaired and working order and that they like to do it!!! So awesome!

So here is a little bit of a into into what Nicks life here! I hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Love your posts Jocelyn and Nick! Thank you so much. Our family reads them faithfully.
    Deb & Terry Chupp

  2. The names of places (like Vanga and Kikongo) are familiar because I've heard about them from my dad. Kind of cool =)