Not here to save the Congo...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The world is a interesting place is it not? Well here in Kinshasa, Congo it is much more different then I have experienced. But the most interesting thing and probably the things that everyone that may be following news of the DRC is that in approx 5 days there is the second ever democratic election. 
Fishing boat
Now this makes for a very interesting life style, and as you probably also have heard the last election was just a little bit rough, but this time around the Congo has had lots of time to think about what to do... well sorta. 
Pepe our driver bargaining the price for us to be able to take pics
I have to remember that this is a country that has been through alot and I'm not to sure it knows how to get out of it. Modern convinces of the western world have given this place the North American idea that when I want something now I can get it now, but the problem is that here there is tons of work to be done and it is going to take a really long time. 
Making gravel
Also imagine living in a culture that you are raised that you do any job that comes up and you are the perfect Jack of all trades, but never to specialize in anything, cause why pay money to learn something else when right now I can have 5 dollars from doing this little job. Now we as north American can see the flaw in that thinking, because we are future thinkers, but I believe because of all the uncertainty that this country has experenced, you never know what will happen tomorrow let alone a year from now. 
Election posters
I had someone tell me this, and I have passed it on to many people but I think it is something important to understand about the people here. If you were to ask a normal run of the mill Congolese person on the street what they would be doing in 5 years, it would be like asking us what our great-great-great-great grandchild will be when they grow up. It just doesn't make sense. 
All banners for different people running this election
So now for the election you drive around and see TONS of people running for something or other, and I have heard that the election ballet is 57 pages long.... 57 PAGES! Thousands upon thousands of people running for some sort of office. Who wants to go and vote and look through 57 pages... wow... So like I said not really thinking ahead. 
Burning garbage
I have also heard that it takes 8 times of doing something to make a habit but like 10 times that much to break it. So over the last 100 years this country has never known what is going to happen next, how do you teach a one person, let alone a generation that they are able to think and invent and plan for themselves, that they don't have to wait for someone else they themselves can make a change. 
Wow sometimes the task ahead just looks to big doesn't it...
Now I am not here to save the Congo, I'm not really even here to change the Congo.  All the NGO's in the world can not change the Congo into what we believe is a functioning fair truly democratic country.
But like all habits, it is going to take a very long time, to get where? I'm not really sure. The goal isn't to make them into another north America... 
I do believe (I know that some will disagree with me) but I do believe that the bible really does give some very strong advice on how to live a fulfilled and satisfied life. We can start as simple as, don't steal, don't lie, don't murder, treat others as yourself and Love the Lord your God will all your heart soul and mind. 
Moving rocks to be crushed
I do not believe that with out God there can be a permanent life giving change. But I can not just tell people all day long just to believe in God, teaching, and school are soo important. 
That is why I love maf because we seek to spiritually and physically transform. 
So I'm not to sure if I was trying to say a whole lot, or making any sort of point, or just trying to hash out the thoughts that have been going through my mind while I have been here and looking forward to elections. 
But at the end of all I have faith, hope and Love for the Congo. 
Faith, Hope and Love of these the greatest is Love. For without love, the rest is just clanging on a really annoying Gong. 
Eye spy with my little eye a plane...

For more reading about Congo elections from BBC Click here. Do read all the way to the end. It is a good article.


  1. That post just make me miss Kinshasa even more. Stay safe during election time. I wish a could make it soon and work with you Guys. Keep doing God's will and you will change some little part of Congolese people.

  2. You are on the right track to start off your journey, good for you!
    North America, or the western world, is not the solution to improve everybody's life in the world. We tend to think it is, and impose it to the rest of the world. But where does it lead us? Poverty for most, riches in excess for a few. And the relationships between us, human, almost to a halt.

    Yes, God is the only answer. Only when Jesus will reign on earth will there be justice for all.