Trip to Vanga in Pictures

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We left Kinshasa early in the Morning after some 'customs'
and paying some fees... Bye Bye Kinshasa

The Congo landscape changes so much.
There are flat areas, hilly, rivers and valleys.
Very Beautiful.

So I got to go on the trip with a media crew
that came from MAF HQ.
Here they are doing a interview with david as he flys.

This Picture is for our Grandpa's so they
can see how the people in Congo Farm :-)

hehe... A great addition in the MAF planes. So old school.

Vanga! This is a town that MAF flies to quite often, they have a
large hospital here and maf often flies patients doctors medicine,
etc. You can see the air strip to the right. I believe its the nicest
airstrip that we land on here.

We have people employed in Vanga to help MAF out.
This guy had an awesome hat.

Nick flies into Vanga quite often and he often buys
pineapple from this lady here and she was SOOOO
excited to be able to meet me. This day she was
selling oranges instead of pineapples though.

Brother Reinhart, there are 3 German doctor monks
that live in Vanga and help run the hospital.

Nurse giving IV meds in the emerg room.

Brother Reinhart doing a checkup on a little baby.

If you are in the hospital here in Congo your family must
provide food and clothing for you.

A little girl I was playing peek-a-boo with ^_^
A Congolese doctor doing a check up.

After Visiting the hospital, David Francis flew the Caravan and
we were in the 182 and did some formation flying to be able to
take some video and pictures! Sooo much fun :-)

Rod Hochstetler taking his passengers back to Kinshasa
after the formation flying.

View of Kinshasa from above.

Your not aloud to take pictures when your at the
airport in Kinshasa... but I thought that they cant
stop me when I'm above it... ;-)
Dont tell!
Top right you can see a 'boat harbor'... some work some don't.
And houses close to the river, most of these people probably
fish for a living. Its much easier to live close to work, but there
are many more mosquitoes and snakes here so it is
a bit hazardous.
Thanks so much for taking an adventure with me! Hopefully next time I will get to go with Nick! The funny this is that I came home and Nick had said that I got to see more of Vanga then he had been able to just flying in there, but just a couple days later, because of weather he got stuck there overnight! So he got the tour as well.

He even made friends with a monkey :-P


  1. Beautiful pics, Jocelyn! So glad you got to tag along. :) Blessings, Jenn Wolf at HQ

  2. Thanks for sharing. I was born here some 47 years ago and my nephews were born here in the late 1980's. Thanks for the virtual trip "home". Blessings.

  3. As always, great pic's Jocelyn! And Nick great to see your face, miss you guys tons. You guys rock, keep serving our good King!

  4. Gabriel et NataliaApril 19, 2012 at 1:47 AM

    Superbes photos Jocelyn! Content que tu puisses sortir un peu toi aussi. And BTW (!) félicitations pour votre baby Ninja.
    (Nick, tu sembles un peu nerveux avec le singe sur ton épaule!!)

  5. Bev & Pierre-francoisApril 20, 2012 at 3:56 AM

    Hi Nick & Jocelyn

    Nice pictures! Vanga has changed a lot since my time there! When I was there, the village was basically between the airstrip and the river. Do you more have other pictures of this area showing the hospital and workshops and church.

    Also, next time you are there, please give my greetings to Brother Reinhart and other brothers (I remember Gotfried, Rudi, George)