My fridge is melting.... meltttttiiiiinnnnngggggg

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bird that taunts serenity everyday
You know those time before a trip and you are so excited to go on your trip that everything else just seems sort of meaningless, you know that you probably have tons of things to do but cant really think of them at the moment and then you also haven't had power for the last 3 days (Ok well that one is probably just here) well that is me right now... 

mmmm pretty Congo
I am heading back to Canada in 12 days! (OH MY, Watch out Starbucks I'm coming after you for my London Fog!... Then a McD's Double Cheese Burger... sorry mom) And well I cant really seem to function anymore haha

We havent had power for about 3 days now... and well my fridge is starting to thaw (We do run the generator for just enough time to keep it cool but it never quite seems long enough) and well at the moment I just am trying to eat everything out of it so that I don't have to deal with it anymore. However it is a little difficult to cook the things in the fridge and freezer when you have no power... ahh the vicious cycle. 

Hole in front of our house...
one of about 4 I think
There is a bit of a argument about the broken cable in front of our house, the power cable is quite old... probably about 60 years old or something and when it breaks there just splice it and fix it which makes it break down a little bit more often when then are 20 splices along a 30 meter stretch or whatever... All I know is that our landlord is quite upset that the power guys keep taking up the brick in front of our house to be able to access the broken cable... However the cable to replace it costs about 50$ a meter... and they should probably replace about 300 meters... which is a lot of money... I can't afford that... But would us just buying the cable really solve the issue? The REAL issue... Not just about the cable or not having power or the brick in front of our house... about the hurting system and hearts of those in the Congo... No probably not... So what do we do... we love... we pray and we trust that even if we dont understand why; that God has a bigger plan, bigger then my leftovers molding in the fridge ;-)

This is about the time in my life that I miss Canada winters where you can put your food outside in the snow and wood stoves to keep the house warm (not that its not warm here)

So I have this urge to clean my house, pack my bags and be on my way but I know that God has exciting this for me in the next 2 weeks as we get to go to the American Schools Talent show tonight, I get my first baby shower tomorrow, we are helping with a youth led service on sunday and then Next weekend we are going to go away for the weekend to Zongo falls (Hopefully)! So Im sure that it will go quick... Its just today with no power and my fridge melting that I feel like this...