Nicholas et Jocelyne

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I think I might have mentioned a little while ago that one of our guards wife was pregnant with twins. A couple months ago they gave birth to a little girl and a little boy and named them after Nick and I!!! We were very excited but a little nervous if there were any cultural implications to having a child named after you... not just one though! Both of them! But we have gotten to know our guard very well, and he has a very good heart and loves the Lord so we felt quite fine with it and were very excited that we get to be connected with this family on a deeper lever and we can continue to remember to pray for these 2 little babies. 

Our guard showed up for work yesterday and brought us these 2 little pictures of little Jocelyn and Nick and said they are now 3 months old!  

 I didn't think I would be so excited to see pictures of our name sakes but I sure was! It is soo neat to see new little lives born into the world (Maybe cause we've been thinking about our little one as well) And so I thought I would share this little Congolese blessing and ask that you would pray for them as well, that as they grow up they would be shakers and movers and bring about a change in the Congo for the glory of God. 


  1. Jocelyn I saw these cuties posted on your fridge and we will definitely be praying for them to be shakers and movers for God. I love the way you put that! We are also praying for your little one to be a mighty woman of God with a passionate heart after Jesus! Love you guyz!

  2. What an honor to have children named after you. When I was living in PNG with my parents and uncle our driver named his little boy Irish (my uncle's last name) and his aunt named her new little baby girl Dixie after my mom. I'm hoping that didn't start a trend. Funny to think of a bunch of little Dixies running around PNG. Thanks for all the amazing photos.
    Melanie T

  3. You do realize you are now on the hook for a college education! :) I'm still thinking of cloning you guys. Such a healthy response to a very challenging place. May the Lord continue to give you His eyes in the work in DRC. Great pics and love the stories connected to them.
    FLD - nairobi