The Flight of Baby Ninja

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm leaving... Today...

In approx 13 hours, 13 min and 13 seconds... (weird... no joke though thats what its at when I wrote this... ok now 12 seconds...)

Remember this?

 And this?!

From when we first came here to DRC like I donno 8 months ago! What the crazyness! Look at all those bags... and now Im going back with what... one suitcase... compared to this I dont even know what to do. I look at this pic and at my one little suitcase that is coming back with me and it seems weird to not travel with 80 billion extra bags... ok maybe not 80 billion but it sure felt like that.

So Ive been able to have lots of fun before I left. The wonderful ladies here threw a baby shower for me. It was lots of fun and they all def spoiled me! Wonderful ladies here in Congo! (Shout out to Jody and Anna for hosting and being awesome)

So now is 13 hours 3 min and 3 seconds (weird I know!) I will be getting on a plane at 10pm Kinshasa time and fly fly fly away (which Nick is a little jealous that he has to wait another month to be in a plane as long as I am going to be over the next 48 hours... My totally travel time from when the plane leaves to when I get to my beautiful momma in Grande Prairie is 30 hours... however in 3 hours (at noon) we must pre-check my baggage so that it makes it on the plane, go pick up my passport (that has my visa in it so I can come back to Congo after ninja comes along... wooo talk about last min! Maurice is awesome)

Then we will come back here eat some food then at 4pm CTS (Congo Travel Service) will come and pick me up to drive me to the air port, because of the crazzzzy traffic here in Congo they have to come and get us quite early... no only leaving 2 hours before your plane leaves... 6 should do just fine. (We have had people almost miss their flights even leaving that early because of traffic)

Nick will come back with me and then ride back with our program manager and his wife that are coming in on the flight that I am leaving on. Isn't he a wonderful husband!  Its going to be a long day for him.

So for me then I have a 8 hour flight to brussles, 3 hour lay over, 8 hour flight to Montreal, 3 hour lay over, 4 hour flight to Calgary, 45 min lay over 1.5 hour flight to Grande Prairie.... Arrival! Woooo

Should be lots of fun! I will miss all of my friends here in Kinshasa, and our new home and Serenity.

I received this beautiful cake last week from my bible study girls

That this BEAUTIFUL girl made for me ....


(I got to take her Senior pics, shes so prettttty)

But other then that, I should finish packing my ONE bag make sure my carry on bag is secure with everything I may need for my 30 hour journey (I have a jacket strapped on to it for when I arrive in Canada... Oh I have turned in to a thin blooded girl)

I love you all and will update you when I get back to the great white north. Maybe Nick will even update you on how he is fairing with out me!


12 hours 40 min and 23 seconds! Ohhhh boy