First 2 weeks back in Canada

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Visiting a nursery to buy some plants :-) So pretty

My first Alberta BBQ in being back home

Mmmmmm Steak
The sun sets in Africa and Canada alike
And it is always beautiful :-)

Awesome Rainbow on our way to Athabasca!

My cousin Gavin getting ready to play Bocce ball

We are soooo cool

My sister and I

Kristy! Master Juggler!
I may have thrown a Bocce ball into a thorn bush... lol opps

My auntie Kathy and Dad's cake

Daddyy! Such a pretty birthday boy.

She said to smile big ^_^

Such a beautiful sister :-)

I have such good looking family

Fox babies

Its a little blurry cause I was shivering but its still beautiful

Dad and Uncle Rolly

Mmmmmm Cheese Smokies

Cara and My Mom

Kristy trying to learn to whistle

Mmmmmm basking in the Sun

Helping Nicole practice her baseballs skills

Mom and Auntie Hope

Grandpa and Grandma
Bang Bang... play dead

Taking the dogs for a walk along the river in edmonton

The Dog whisperer

Here let me take you for a walk

So I've been back in Canada for almost 2 weeks now and it has been a busy 2 weeks. I haven't been about to get pics of everything but I spent my first week in Grande Prairie with my parents and had the opportunity to hang out with many friends that I have not seen for awhile.
We then went to Athabasca my extended family lives and spent a wonderful weekend hanging out on the farm and visiting with everyone.
I am now in Edmonton staying with my sister, doing homework and lots of resting. 

I hope all my friends back in Africa are doing well. Its only 23 more days until Nick comes to join me :-)