Neck Excersises

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Its been a busy time for us over the last month...  well really since we got here, but it has been lots of fun as well.

Nick has been so busy catching up on IT work that he actually passed his duty time regulations; I thought it was awesome as he got to spend an extra few days at home with me :-) 

One of our MAF families has been in the process in moving from the house they are in now, to a  different house a little farther away. When renting a house here in Congo... it is usually not quite up to standards that we would like our families to live in, so this house needed a bit of work before they could move in... nothing that couldn't be done, but it just takes time and effort.

The other day we had a team 'move in day', where we all pitched in to do what we could to help them move all of their stuff over, Nick set up the internet, set up solar panels and their batteries; while my job was to bring the pizza :-) 

It was a fun day over all and everything got moved quickly. 

Exciting news! Today Ruth turns 3 months old!! 

Its so neat as I have been watching her grow and get to hang out and visit with her every day (She sure like to chat now, she makes all kinds of different noises) And she is getting to the point where she is working on lifting her head and hopefully in a another month be able to push up with her arms...

Well for the most part she doesnt really enjoy this exercise of laying on her stomach, she would MUCH rather just lie on her back looking at her little toys. But we need to get this little girl working out! Working on that neck and arms, its so interesting to watch because for a little bit, she is totally fine and then she starts to get frustrated...

This is so much like us sometimes, now as adults we know the importance of baby's learning to hold up their heads but right now my little Ruth doesn't know her and she probably gets rather upset at me when I put her on her tummy to try. How many times to you think that God has flipped us over and put us on our tummies to strengthen our necks so that one day we will be able to sit, then crawl, and then walk. 

It just reminded me how important it is that when we go through hard and stretching times, that we may not understand the purpose of something that hurts, or makes us frustrated; but God knows why and he had a good purpose to bring him glory. All we have to do is push through and hold our head high! 

Good Job Rue! Keep on going! 


  1. Really great analogy! thanks for keeping us posted.