We're Moving!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Its been a busy couple of weeks as Nick has been doing lots of flying and internet IT work and I have been plugging away at school and taking care of Ruth.

Nicks flight on thanksgiving to Djolu

School is going quite well; it does take a little bit more effort and self discipline to get all my reading/assignments done, get some good play time in with Rue and still cook supper for my husband! ^_^ But I am happy to announce that I received 90% in the last course I did which was personality psychology! It was a little bit stressful being my first course after Ruth was born but getting such a good mark helped me boost my confidence! Next course... Human Sexuality!

Ruth and Anna. Beautiful girls!

Last week included American Thanksgiving and Nicks 28th Birthday!

Lisa posing for me... blurry but still funny

The MAF team and other expats from around Kinshasa all got together and celebrated thanksgiving on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. Nick was unable to join the festivities because there was a flight and he decided that being the token Canadian that he would take it and let the Americans enjoy their holiday since we already had ours.

Thanksgiving goodness
Setting down the eating rules! Adults eat dessert first! :-)

We had a wonderful time; however Rue only lasted about an hour until she decided she needed to be sleeping! I think shes either growing or just really like to sleep but right now we think shes only awake for about 5-6 hours a day! Which is awesome, however makes leaving the house sometimes a little difficult.

Nick and Matthew's (MAF Base Maintenance) birthdays are only two days apart so Lisa (Matthews wife) and I decided that it would be fun to get them matching PJ pants made! They love them and we think its awesome!

This is how they wanted to show off their new PJ's... sexy sexy husbands
I also baked him a pumpkin pie and got him the present he had been asking for "a sweet 50ft extension cord with 4 plug ins on it!" he was so excited and said it would be perfect for the new house... Thats right! We are moving into a new house; its quite a ways away though... its right across the street from where we live right now... so about a 10 second walk ;-)

Really though, she is the cutest ever

As Ruth has been getting bigger our apartment has seemingly gotten much smaller and much less child proof; we decided we should probably be looking for a new place. This place across the road came up it had a beautiful yard, covered porch, 3 bed rooms and a guest house! Ummhmmm! A guest house; as you can tell we are continuing to prepare for many more guests in the future.

New house! As seen from our Balcony!

So we get the keys sometime this week and when that happens I will take many more pictures to show you what the place looks like. It needs a little bit of paint, gravity tank batteries installed; however we are hoping to be moved in by Dec 15th... and with 'giver mode' Nick I believe that it will be done...